Two Joints Brief

This client had a very specific vision for this store, with detailed design and style instructions for us to follow. We were provided with multiple website examples and brand imagery to use throughout. The style was to be modern, bespoke and quirky.

The client wanted a completely unique and one-of-a-kind design, unlike any other store. To achieve this we included animations throughout the homepage and custom graphics to attain an old school look and feel.

As this was a large brand, with a sizeable following on social media platforms, it was crucial that the website complemented the existing branding perfectly.

Build Breakdown

The main custom features on this store were the animated graphics and hero imagery throughout. Adding a distinctive flair to the homepage and providing the customer with an entertaining experience on the site.

This client only required basic pages for the store, with simple styling and essential information for the customer.

A build like this, with multiple custom graphics and animated features, usually takes between 10 and 12 days to complete.

Additional Information

Every graphic on the site was designed and created by our team. We incorporated the brand imagery and product imagery into each of the designs to create unique and eye-catching animations and features throughout the entire homepage.

The first step is communication. Consistent communication is absolutely essential in achieving the perfect strategy for not only the build, but for the business as a whole. We work closely with each client from the get go. We ensure a clear vision and plan is established before we even begin working on the build itself.

You can contact us anytime using the contact form or by sending us an email. Our team will promptly answer any queries you may have.