The perfect team to have on your side

Get it done right & hit the ground running.

Don’t have a store yet? Haven't worked with the Shopify platform before? Then fear not because we’ve got you covered. From initial back-end setup and advanced setting configuration to front-end development and theme design, our team of experts will do it all for you. Better yet, we can teach you how to manage every aspect of your business so your team can do it too.

Below is an overview of the things our Shopify Designers & Shopify Developers do for our clients:

  • Initial set up of your brand new Shopify account
  • Unlimited free trial during development (you don’t have to pay any monthly subscription until we transfer ownership to you)
  • Complete back end set up and settings configuration
  • Design Mockup based on your guidelines (if required)
  • Theme customization
  • Branded Graphics creation sitewide
  • Homepage set up and customization
  • Collection Page set up and customization
  • Product Page set up and customization
  • Contact Us, FAQ, and much more…
  • Cart page set up and customization
  • Legal Pages
  • Product Upload
  • Product Image Optimization for speed and uniformity
  • Automatic Collection Sorting using Shopify's tagging system
  • Notification Email branding and manipulation to fit your requirements
  • App Integrations and full set up
  • Unique Custom Functionalities
  • Optimized User Experience

If you are a brick-and-mortar business looking for an online presence or simply want to get your current business up and running on Shopify then request a no-obligation quote today.