The Basics

Shopify is the ultimate ecommerce platform, with a plethora of different features, integrations and capabilities. The fantastic, easy to use platform, allows you to start, grow, and manage your online store, from 175 countries worldwide.

With insanely affordable pricing plans starting at just $29/month, endless design possibilities, and seamless integrations, we love it, and we know you will too!

There are absolutely no set up fees with Shopify.

Use Shopify Payments and pay no transaction fee. If you choose an external payment gateway, there are small fees of 2%, 1% or 0.5% for varying Shopify plans. See Shopify pricing for more details.

Services & Prices

We can code absolutely anything into your store. Just tell us what you want, and our team will create it for you. Check out our Shopify Services page for more information.

You can contact us for your free quote here.

100%, we can migrate your current store to Shopify, with a full Shopify Store design to match that of your current store or a store redesign should you need it. Our team will do all the heavy lifting, and all while still maintaining your search engine ranking.

Get in touch to discuss your store migration with us.

We have no set price for our services, as every store is different. Once we have had an in-depth discussion with you about your vision and needs, we will then put together a detailed price breakdown for you.

Contact our team to get a detailed quote.

As we are primarily based in the United States, we charge all builds in US dollars ($). If you need us to convert this for you into your chosen currency, we can of course add this into your quote.

We offer monthly payment plans for all builds over $1,000. all builds under this amount are required to pay 100% upfront for all work.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your individual payment options.

We accept payments via bank/wire transfer for all invoices over $1,000, and any credit card/debit card/PayPal for smaller payments.

Getting Started

Time to take the first step..

We have good news - it's super easy to begin your ecommerce journey with us. Contact the team now using our contact form or send us an email to and we will get back to you within 1 working day.

Try to include as much information as possible in your inquiry as this will help us to determine exactly what we need to do from the get go.

We work online, remotely and not from one office. We use online tools to communicate, manage, design, and develop - all remotely.

Communication will initially be via email or video call.  Whilst working with us, you may communicate with us using a number of messaging platforms.

Calls are limited to scheduled calls unless you are on a monthly retainer contract.

You really don't need much to get started on Shopify.

To begin with, we recommend a list of your products/services (along with product information), product imagery, a brand name and some basic information on what you want to achieve for your store and company as a whole. This can help our team put a detailed plan together for your brand new (or redesigned) store.

Let our team take care of the rest.