For stores that need that little bit extra

Our Shopify Development team can build custom features and much more.

Want a totally unique store? Or Something that you simply can’t figure out how to achieve on the Shopify Platform? Or maybe you've seen something on another ecommerce platform and simply want that but with the power of Shopify behind you?

Our team has worked with many brands to achieve custom features not found inside any app or theme, by offering advanced development of your Shopify theme to enhance features and functionalities.

Below are some of the many things we do for our clients:

  • Custom templates
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Unique Shopify sections
  • Personalized feeds
  • Cart/Sitewide Upsells
  • Post sale upsells capabilities
  • Multi-Currency solutions
  • Section Animations
  • And much much more…

We welcome any ideas or queries so feel free to drop us an email for a no-obligation quote by filling out the form below. A member of our team will get back to you within 1 business day.