Sloomy Brief

The client approached us with a desire to achieve a website loosely based of a competitor store. The site was to be built using a consistent color scheme (green & cream) and store branding throughout.

Yes, the client requested custom section creations throughout all pages of the store. There were multiple custom sections on the homepage, from a built-in collection slider, custom customer reviews section with hover over capabilities, and a large interactive button and slide section.

The client wanted their products and reviews from recognized professionals to be front and center on the homepage. Additionally it was essential for all product information to be presented clearly throughout each page.

Build Breakdown

Our team added in a custom collection slider, customer reviews section with hover over functionality, image with text slider sections, a large custom section with interactive features, and extensive CSS throughout.

There were multiple custom page templates for this build to display all required company and product information to the customer. Each page had multiple custom content sections added, each with varying functionalities.

Anywhere between one and two months, depending on how extensive the custom sections and CSS are.

Additional Information

All pages for the store required a substantial about of custom graphics and imagery, all of which were designed and created by our team.

The first step is communication. Consistent communication is absolutely essential in achieving the perfect strategy for not only the build, but for the business as a whole. We work closely with each client from the get go. We ensure a clear vision and plan is established before we even begin working on the build itself.

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