ROAM Original Brief

The ROAM Original client approached us with the desire to build a website for their brand new and exciting sustainable clothing brand. They needed a fresh and nature-inspired store design with plenty of infographics and product features throughout.

The client requested an autoplay video section, custom graphic and infographic creations, and custom page templates for their additional brand information.

It was vital that the sustainability aspect of the brand was at the forefront of this design. This included showcasing the most important features and design aspects of the products.

Build Breakdown

On the homepage our team coded an autoplay video section, custom sections for infographics, and a fully customizable Instagram feed section. The other custom pages were built with multiple custom sections and features.

There were two substantial custom page templates, one of which was a full landing page for the recyclable aspect of the brand and materials used.

A build of this scale, including branding, social media package, and ongoing support can require a considerable amount of time and communication - usually between 2-4 months from start to finish.

Additional Information

We estimate that between 30-40 custom graphics, infographics and images were designed and created for this store. Additionally our team put together a promotional video for the hero video section and for use on social media platforms.

The first step is communication. Consistent communication is absolutely essential in achieving the perfect strategy for not only the build, but for the business as a whole. We work closely with each client from the get go. We ensure a clear vision and plan is established before we even begin working on the build itself.

You can contact us anytime using the contact form or by sending us an email. Our team will promptly answer any queries you may have.