Pet, Set, Go! Brief

The vision for this store was bright, colorful, and fun, with attention primarily on user experience and ease of navigation throughout the site. This brand had a sizeable inventory for their store, so everything needed to be displayed in an accessible manner.

The client requested that auto-ship and product subscriptions were integrated into the product pages and featured throughout the homepage. In addition to this, a custom featured collection slider section and highlights bar below the main hero banner.

Detailed information for each product was of key importance for this brand. A tab system was essential in displaying multiple categories of information e.g. Nutritional Information.

Build Breakdown

The homepage design included a custom highlights bar with unique brand icons, a custom collections slider with graphic design, and individual product description tabs to split information into categories.

Each product page required individual page template creations. Each page had its unique layout, features, and tabbed information.

This build took between four to six weeks to complete, as this brand had a large inventory of products and a substantial amount of CSS and custom functionalities.

Additional Information

Yes, all graphics were designed and created by our team. Keeping branding consistent through the store and it's pages.

The first step is communication. Consistent communication is absolutely essential in achieving the perfect strategy for not only the build, but for the business as a whole. We work closely with each client from the get go. We ensure a clear vision and plan is established before we even begin working on the build itself.

You can contact us anytime using the contact form or by sending us an email. Our team will promptly answer any queries you may have.