Fail University Brief

The client approached us with a desire to achieve a completely custom and bespoke design and layout for the homepage, collection page and product pages. Using primarily imagery and loosely following the style of a competitor store.

Yes, the client requested custom section creations on the homepage, collection page, and product pages, along with advanced custom coding to achieve the desired homepage layout. Included in this he wanted the autoplay functionality coded into the homepage hero video section.

Yes, specifically a clean and modern design and layout, completely individual and unique to the brand. Each page was to be created exactly as discussed in detail with the client beforehand.

Build Breakdown

Using CSS, our team styled the homepage with a simple slim header, unique footer design, featured autoplay video section and a masonry style graphics grid. The collection and product pages were simplified and custom coded to achieve a precise and clean design.

Yes, for this store both the collection page and product pages were built using custom page templates. This was essential in achieving the bespoke features and filtering functionalities as requested by the client.

This build, with extensive coding and CSS, took around 4-6 weeks from beginning to completion.

Additional Information

All graphics and imagery were provided by the client. Following this our team optimized all image dimensions and file size to ensure a fast page load speed.

The first step is communication. Consistent communication is absolutely essential in achieving the perfect strategy for not only the build, but for the business as a whole. We work closely with each client from the get go. We ensure a clear vision and plan is established before we even begin working on the build itself.

You can contact us anytime using the contact form or by sending us an email. Our team will promptly answer any queries you may have.